5 Tips for Every Small Business Owner

No. 1: Create a powerful brand image with consistency. Your brand image is what both current and prospective customers think about your company. This image is developed through repeated interactions with customers, so it’s essential that you send them consistent messages. At Inikosoft, we will make sure your business has the same look and feel in all forms of marketing, including direct mail, online, email, and more. For a brand image to accurately stick in the customers’ minds, it must be true to its product and services and the company must live up to all its promises. No. 2: Identify objectives for your website. Before you invest money to create a flashy website, determine your No. 1 goal. Ask yourself, “Am I creating a website so I can mainly inform or educate visitors? Do I want to sell products? Is my goal to generate leads?” The main objective will help Inikosoft dictate the design and overall layout. No. 3: Optimize your web presence. Without search engine optimization from Inikosoft, your business is a needle in a global haystack. There are a few best practices you should consider that are within everyone’s means: Creating and maintaining various social media channels as they influence search rankings; including keyword phrases on your websites; developing a content-rich website through blogs and white papers.  For a more in-depth approach, small business owners can easily find articles online on basic SEO. Depending on your business, it may even be worthwhile to enlist the services of an SEO expert. No. 4: Learn and practice basic accounting. A lot of small businesses fail because of mismanagement and under-capitalization.  To avoid these pitfalls, owners should understand basic accounting – or hire someone who can provide local accounting support. If you’re determined to go at it alone, an online service like Quick Books is a useful way to practice standard accounting procedures and will help you take the reins of your company’s finances. No. 5: Take a disciplined approach to customer acquisition. If you’re not acquiring new customers – even if your business is booming – your competitor probably is. To remain competitive, budget how much you will spend to acquire customers on an ongoing basis. This means creating, implementing and sticking to a plan. Remember, sales, marketing and promotions aren’t optional in business; they are basic business requirements and must be treated as such. Inikosoft will set-up many different ways to help you achieve new customer acquisition! Inikosoft is a Los Gatos Website and Design firm that supports small business owners, with a very unique atmosphere teeming with modern creativity and youthful energy. Our experienced team of marketing and design professionals will exceed your expectations with an unparalleled level of personalized service and strict attention to detail. Credit: Fox Business]]>

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