The internet is a 24-hour online marketplace and a custom-designed eCommerce platform is your ticket to grabbing a piece of that pie. Inikosoft offers complete development of a custom eCommerce solution, allowing you to sell products through an online store, or even providing standalone eCommerce software packages. We’ll also help you through the process of enabling your website to accept credit cards securely and confidentially, so that your customers will feel safe making a purchase through you.

With an Inikosoft eCommerce platform, additional marketing tools will also be at your disposal! Have a “Sale”, upload multiple photos for each product, set stock levels, choose “Featured Items” and much, much more to build out your eCommerce website’s inventory.

Dictate your website’s level of online success further by utilizing other Inikosoft services that help drive traffic to your site, such as online search engine marketing. Our search engine optimization (SEO) gives you higher search rankings, meaning more free traffic to your store. Optimizing your site is will be a breeze with our SEO-optimized themes!

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