Looking for a new logo?

Are you looking for a new logo for your business in Los Gatos, San Jose or surrounding areas? Then look no further because Inikosoft is here for you! Branding your business with a custom-designed logo will help distinguish a look and feel that will differentiate your business from your competitors. You ultimately want your logo to be recognizable at a glance, to not look dated and irrelevant, and most importantly to reflect the image that you’ve built around your brand and business. We specialize in doing exactly that. Our designers will work one-on-one with you, keeping you involved to provide a very personalized service so that we can design a logo “with you”, not just “for you”, that will ensure your company is instantly recognizable and easy to remember for years to come.

Before you use our Logo design services, here are some tips to help our designers create a product you will love:

1. Research your audience

This means it’s time to take a quick snapshot of what you are trying to actually sell. Is it a service or is it a product, is it related to lifestyle or is it solution based? Depending on what your key offering is, you may want to portray precision (tech company), safety (childcare, education), or fulfillment (service industry), etc.. Focus on what you want people to think or how you would like them to feel when they see your logo. A good place to start is using a resource like dictionary.com or an online thesaurus. These can be great tools to start using wordplay to get closer to business identity “theme.” Start writing down words that you like and make a word map, key phrases will start to become clear. Then it’s time to share these phrases with one of our designers.

2. Your Logo used in Social Media

Your logo helps customers and potential clients identify you, and gain an understanding of what sets your service apart. In social media terms these are Facebook friends and twitter followers. Our designers know how to design for today’s social marketing channels. A brand logo should look great on your company Facebook page or twitter profile, but also be quickly recognizable in the Facebook news feed and as users scroll through their twitter timeline. This means your logo needs to be crisp and clear when scaled down to the size of a dime or smaller.

3. Consider Future Branding Opportunities

Your logo will be used in many places, from menu’s, store windows, business cards, websites and social media networks such as twitter and Facebook. A logo / brand identity shouldn’t be overly detailed or fussy. Suggest the use of a specific color if you want a small simple logo to standout. Overall consider that there are different restrictions with paper printing, window decals, and sizes that actually look good in social media news feeds and twitter streams.

Inikosoft is a Los Gatos logo design firm, with a very unique atmosphere teeming with modern creativity and youthful energy. Our experienced team of marketing and design professionals will exceed your expectations with an unparalleled level of personalized service and strict attention to detail.

Credit: Webgoals