Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is the process of promoting your web site, service, or products through social media channels such as Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Newsletters. When used effectively, SMM is a low-cost promotional vehicle that can get your business, your web site, and your products or services noticed quickly!

If your business is selling products and/or services, SMM is an important marketing channel that will increase your visibility online. Studies have shown that people are now going to the web more and more to research products or services before they actually buy. Your potential customers are also reading comments online, and are looking for companies who are transparent and participate in online social circles. When these needs are met, they begin reciprocating, and this can lead to exponentially-growing organic traffic.

We help incorporate social media into clients or companies existing content strategy. This allows us to do three things: Shift conversations to a different medium, allow for much easier updating of content, and reach a wider audience. We show our clients how they can be communicating more efficiently with prospects, and how it all ties in to their existing content strategy, as well as how social media can drive static web content to new destinations.

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