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6 Social Media Marketing Tactics to Enhance Your Brand Value

1. Make a Social Media Marketing Plan Creating a well-structured social media marketing plan can help you get a clear picture of what and where to post. Four pointers to include in a plan are as follows: -What kind of content does the audience like? Who are they interacting with? -Define your business goals and use social media channels to reach a broad audience -Determine where you’re going to focus on social media efforts because not all channels are created equal and how they align with your goal. -Decide what social tools you’re going to use and how you will monitor performance and results.

2. Develop a Consistent Posting Frequency

Consistency is vital to building a close connection with your audience. This doesn’t mean you need to post content 100 times a day, but rather post relevant content at a similar time or week to cultivate a sense of anticipation in your followers and leave them expecting more from you.

3. Schedule Posts in Advance

It can be time-consuming to take a break to shoot something quick for reels or the latest post on Facebook. Instead, you can make things easier on yourself by simply scheduling posts in advance. Here are the elements to keep in mind: -Think about creative content and post ideas -Create 5-10 copy variations for a specific post, combine images and align them for different channels -Set a time or date when you’d like to post

4. Play Smart with Video Posts

Video has become a powerful source to capture maximum traffic over the web and gladly, you can use it in various ways. Experiment with short 10-second explainer videos, create an animation, or convert blog posts into videos with subtitles and see what works well for your brand.

5. Make the Best Out of Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook targeting is a great source to discover people you want to reach. Say no to mundane demographic information and dive into the psychographic tendencies of your audience to make a big difference. Via Facebook, you can target people through various parameters, including job title, pages they follow, income, life milestones, and engagement rate. If you’re targeting customers across all social media channels, tailor content for each one taking the dominant audience into account.

6. Never Forget Hashtag Marketing

Hashtags are a vital aspect of the social media chain. But make sure to use a relevant hashtag and involve an engaging community to start building a loyal tribe of customers. Various tools are available to see which hashtags your audience engages the most and add them to your posts for the best results. Social media marketing is an integral part of digital marketing as it allows businesses of all sectors and sizes to reach the target audience while staying connected to existing customers. Talk to our experts to create a solid roadmap for generating more leads, traffic, followers, and engagement through social media.]]>