Web Design Services
Website Design Services

Web Development

These days, there are few things more important than your website. The way it looks, feels, behaves—all of these things can make or break your success. Not only will we build you a custom (i.e. awesome) website, we’ll also equip you with the tools to help you work on it whenever you want.


There are many roads you could take if your business conducts E-Commerce. Want to build a totally custom online store and sell your amazing products? We can help. Our E-Commerce consulting can help you find the perfect strategy to maximize your online sales.

eCommerce Website Developer
Content Management / CMS Service

Content Management

So, you’ve got a beautiful website. It’s responsive, has a cool slideshow on the homepage and you painstakingly chose every single color. What are you going to fill it with? When you work with Inikosoft, writer’s block is a non-issue—we can write the content if you don’t want to. We love words, so you don’t have to.

Mobile App Design

Apps. Everybody’s got one. Why can’t you? Our design team can design both iOS and Android ready apps. Like everything else we do, your app will look, feel and operate just the way you want it.

App Design Services

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