Welcome Eric to the Team!

Welcome Eric to the team, our new Social Media Marketing Expert. Eric is here to market your business on social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and more. Call now to start generating some buzz for your business! 408.402.9545. Let’s work together to make your company shine! Are you socializing? Is your company Liked, Commented on, Tweeted or Pinned? If you have no clue what we’re referring to or you just don’t have the time, you should call our Social Media Manager today! Find out how we can work together on getting your business on the right track to maximize its Social Media exposure. Social Media Marketing is the most effective way to stay connected with your customers and to network your business. We now offer monthly plans that can work within your budget. Top 3 Benefits of Social Media Marketing 1. Participating in social media can organically increase your SEO.  Yes, by Tweeting and updating a Facebook status on a regular basis you are bumping yourself up within the Google ranks.  Consistency is key to having this strategy work effectively.  In addition to traditional social media, a regular blog post helps you even more! 2. Your competitors are likely already on social media.  Do you want to be the leader or the follower in your industry?  That’s what I thought.  Now let me repeat myself: your competitors are already there.  And if they aren’t, they soon will be.  Borrell Associates found that small and medium-sized businesses were expected to double their social media budgets in 2012.  I suggest you get a head start and begin your social media marketing now, before you are left in the dust by that other guy. 3. Your customers are definitely already on social media.  They have a Facebook page.  They likely tweet and may even be pinning veterans.  Social media is a great place to not only communicate with your existing customers to keep them coming back, but it is an ideal environment to find new ones.  You can position yourself as an expert in the field and an educator of your product or service. These are the most important reasons why your small business should be participating on social media, though there are many more.  Have you put your business on social media yet?  Do you find these reasons to be true?  Tell me about your experiences! Inikosoft is a full-service graphic and web design firm with a very unique atmosphere, teeming with modern creativity and youthful energy. Our experienced team of marketing and design professionals will exceed your expectations with an unparalleled level of personalized service and strict attention to detail.]]>

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