You Need A Mobile-Friendly Website

While browsing internet on your mobile device, you come across an article that piques your interest or see a product that you’ve always wanted. But when you visit the website, you can’t read the text and you are required to zoom in and scroll every direction just to see the information. As a business owner or content creator, you cannot allow these things to happen to your customers.

Now what if we told you that not having a mobile-friendly website could hurt your SEO ranking within Google’s search results. If you haven’t heard the news, that is exactly what is happening. Google is working hard to put mobile users first because our world is becoming focused on our mobile-devices, especially with the ease of accessibility. Google has already announced their preference for Responsive technology, but they are taking it one step further with their recent announcement.

It is important to look at your own site and check to see if it is a mobile-friendly website with the following link: